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Environmental Optimizer

Provide automatic adjustment of hearing instrument settings.

End user benefit
Users enjoy optimal audibility and listening comfort even when moving through rapidly changing sound environments, and without needing to make frequent manual adjustments.

It is well-known that hearing aid users often have varying preferences for hearing aid volume depending on the listening environment. Therefore, when the Environmental Classifier identifies an environment, the Environmental Optimizer automatically adjusts the volume, which saves the user the trouble of frequent manual adjustments of volume control or program change.

Automatic volume adjustment when Environmental Optimizer is enabled

Time to determine need to change environment:
4 seconds.
Duration of transition:
1 dB per second

Environmental Optimizer II

In addition to volume per environment, Environmental Optimizer II has individually tailored adaptive noise reduction (NoiseTracker™ II) assigned to each environment. It is an extraordinary solution for hearing aid users because both the need to adapt to multiple listening environments and comfort in noise are balanced.

Default values for severe hearing losses vary slightly

Environmental Optimizer Gain per environment
Environmental Optimizer II Gain and noise reduction per environment
Binaural Environmental 
Optimizer II
Gain and noise per environment 
with synchronization between right/left
* Frequency of data exchange between the instruments:every 222 milliseconds

Binaural Environmental Optimizer II

Allows the two instruments to wirelessly exchange data about the environment in order to ensure that they work in cooperation when identifying environments.

LiNX Quattro 9 / LiNX Quattro 7 / LiNX 3D 9 / LiNX 3D 7 / ENZO 3D 9 / Up Smart 9 / Up 9 Binaural Environmental Optimizer II Environmental Optimizer II
ENZO 3D 7 / Up Smart 7 / Up 7 Environmental Optimizer
Enya 4, Enya 3, Enya 2 / Magna 4, Magna 2 / Up Smart 5 Not available