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hearX – Remote testing and programming

Remote testing & programming: Simple steps for instant results

With the recent launch of ReSound Assist Live, hearing care professionals can conduct consulting sessions to program hearing aids in real-time, face-to-face video consultations. Featured on it is a great solution for patients that are having difficulty or who have a recent audiogram to program and deliver the devices remotely and safely.

Today, ReSound is launching a collaboration with hearX, a South African based digital healthcare company focused on mobile hearing screening, testing and video otoscopy.

hearX was co-founded by world renown audiologist Dr. De Wet Swanepoel and has partnered with organizations such as the World Health Organization and American Academy of Audiology to conduct hundreds of thousands of screens and tests. Click here to download an introduction to hearX.

ReSound has teamed up with hearX to combine four steps into one automated flow for patients utilizing a tablet with calibrated headsets. Patients can be given the items curbside or can have it delivered to their home (along with hearing aids programmed for a flat loss with no gain should they be needed). With ReSound Assist Live, you can help guide them through the process in less than 10 minutes, collecting all the data you need for an assessment of their hearing loss.

  1. hearTest is an FDA registered automated Puretone Audiometric test. Validated and peer-reviewed, hearTest provides real-time tracking of noise, false positives and response times to ensure accurate responses in remote environments. Additionally, intelligent threshold seeking allows 80% time saving during testing.
  2. hearSpeech is a speech-in-noise testing using numbers in antiphasic and in-phase signals. hearSpeech provides speech recognition thresholds (dB SNR) and masking level difference scores. Used with ReSound Assist Live, hearSpeech informs counseling and managing hearing aid expectations.
  3. hearRisk is a conductive hearing loss risk assessment utilizing a proprietary algorithm based on a combination of test results and demographics. hearRisk can detect CHL with 95% accuracy. Additionally, the CEDRA (Consumer Ear Disease Risk Assessment) questionnaire can be added to assess ear disease.
  4. hearScope is a tablet-based video otoscopy. hearScope can be utilized either at arm’s length of you taking an image, or for patients that you have determined are capable or have a capable caregiver, under your supervision guiding them to take an image with ReSound Assist Live. Utilizing artificial intelligence, an optional feature includes an image classification system into four conditions (normal, wax obstruction, perforation or abnormal, which includes a high probability of pathology) to assist you in your diagnosis for a referral.

Results can be accessed real-time at mHealth Studio, hearX’s cloud-based HIPAA compliant data management tool, and used for consultation and programming using ReSound Assist Live. Download the hearX product brochure for more information.