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ReSound Assist Live Assistance

Remote In-Ear Hearing Assessment

You can continue to provide individualized hearing care, even when circumstances prevent your patients from getting to the clinic. Using ReSound Assist Live Assistance, you can now conduct remote hearing assessments and even remotely fit new hearing aids to both new and existing patients.

Once you've been set up with ReSound Assist Live Assistance, you're ready to start assessing and fitting patients remotely.

New and existing patients that meet the minimum iPhone® or iPad® requirements and are eligible for a remote hearing assessment or fitting via ReSound Assist Live Assistance.

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How it works


Prepare your patient

Schedule an initial phone/video call to confirm the physical health of the outer ear and their ear canal. Briefly discuss the process of remote hearing assessment with in-situ and ensure they meet the minimum requirements. Verify that ReSound Assist consent can be completed via email or curbside.


Prepare the hearing aids

Choose the appropriate devices and power level for the patient. Connect the devices to ReSound Smart Fit to provide initial programming and complete the ReSound Assist consent process on behalf of the patient. Package all necessary documents and materials the patient will need to prepare prior to the Live Assistance appointment. Send patients a link to the Remote In-Ear Testing from the comfort and safety of your home page for more information on how to prepare.


Deliver the hearing aids to the patient

Send hearing aids via mail or have the patient pick up their hearing aids and materials curbside. Complete ReSound Assist consent curbside if it was not completed via email.


Check that the patient is ready to receive the Live Assistance call

Prior to the appointment, verify with the patient by email or phone that they have prepared their hearing aids and are ready technically to complete the Live Assistance appointment.


Initiate the Live Assistance appointment

Check that the fit of the hearing aids is appropriate prior to beginning the in-situ test. Connect the hearing aids and conduct the assessment. Complete the fitting and calibration.


Schedule a follow-up appointment in the clinic.

When stay at home restrictions are lifted and your patient is comfortable, schedule an in-clinic appointment to conduct a full hearing evaluation.

Not yet using ReSound Assist?

In order to offer ReSound Assist services to patients, you need to register your business with GN Online Services. 

On this site, you can: 

  • Manage user access for other hearing care professionals in your practice
  • Manage the locations of your business
  • Customize your automatic response to remote fine-tuning requests

Reminder: You will need your ReSound Account ID to register on GN Online Services.

Download the GN Online Services guide