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They are so convenient. If I am in the middle of something, like when I am in the studio, I don’t have to walk over to my phone to answer a call. I can just tap a button and talk.


Sivu, singer-songwriter & ReSound ONE user

Hands-free for greater simplicity

Ideal for moments when ReSound ONE users are busy doing something, such as cooking or carrying groceries, they can now:

  • Take calls and communicate clearly without needing to physically hold the iPhone or iPad* to speak
  • Multitask while talking, using their hearing aids as a wireless headset and freeing up their hands for other activities
  • Easily follow conversations, even in noisy situations, without having to concentrate as hard
  • Stream with confidence as their hearing aids will have the energy levels needed to stream all day
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How to offer
hands-free calls 

Easy firmware update

Upgrade your existing ReSound ONE users to hands-free calls with a firmware update in latest version of ReSound Smart Fit™.

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Future orders

ReSound ONE models will soon ship pre-enabled for hands-free calls. Look for the sticker highlighting this functionality on future orders.

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Easy video calls

Seeing and talking to loved ones online is more important than ever, and visual cues help with lip-reading. Your clients can use ReSound ONE to FaceTime family and friends from their iPhone or iPad, and even have a video consultation with a hearing care professional, with the natural sound of the voices streamed directly to their ears.

The combination of directly streamed sound to both ears with visual cues provides a speech understanding benefit of greater than 70% for people with a wide range of hearing loss severity.1

1. Jespersen & Kirkwood 2016

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Effortless regular calls 

Your clients can easily enjoy great non-streamed phone calls by holding a fixed, cordless or mobile phone normally, close to their ear. ReSound ONE with M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear) cleverly locates the ‘sweet spot’ for collecting sound – the extra microphone in the ear picks up the conversation clearly without feedback.

In a recent study, 95% of users were able to position the phone optimally with little or no effort. All were satisfied and would recommend ReSound ONE with M&RIE to others.2

2. Subjective experience of telephone listening with M&RIE [Unpublished raw data]. GN Hearing/Audiology Associates, Inc. Hartenstein, R.W., Quilter, M.E. 2021

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