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M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear)

Uniquely places a microphone in the ear canal as part of the receiver module, taking
advantage of filtering by the user’s unique ear shape to collect sound the
way nature intended.

End user benefit
An immersive and individualised hearing experience with greater direction and depth, sense of space and localisation.

Natural sound quality preferred with M&RIE

M&RIE users recognise sounds from the front and back of them 90% more accurately.* They get the natural sound of custom products, combined with the advanced features and ease of use of a Receiver-in-the- Ear(RIE) model.

The microphone location inside ear canal offers natural protection from wind noise, eliminating the need for gain reduction features. Compared to microphone location on the RIE device, wind noise is reduced by 15 dB with M&RIE, so whether they are out for a run or just enjoying a summer day, clients can hear comfortably.

M&RIE is integrated in the All Access Directionality strategy, and can also be selected for a customised listening program.

*Groth J. (2020). An innovative RIE with microphone in the ear lets users “hear with their own ears”. ReSound white paper.