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Power plus performance

The complete hearing solution for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss

  • Crystal clear, comfortable, high-quality sound
  • Unrivaled connectivity and direct streaming
  • Battery life that lasts up to 20% longer
  • Fully personalizable to your patients' preferences
  • Convenient remote and real-time support
  • Perfectly complements CochlearTM implants

ENZO Q Product line up

Our newest Premium-Plus hearing aid for severe-to-profound hearing loss is a complete hearing solution that provides high-quality sound from any direction, all the needed gain with no feedback, and seamless connectivity to virtually any audio source. Combined with remote fine-tuning and real-time patient support, the result is a more powerful, personalized hearing experience than ever before.

BTE 88 - High power

  • Battery size: 13
  • Comes standard with Telecoil and Direct Audio Input (DAI) functionalities
  • Full line of wireless accessories

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BTE 98 - Super power

  • Battery size: 675
  • Comes standard with Telecoil and Direct Audio Input (DAI) functionalities
  • Full line of wireless accessories

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Color options

enzo quattro lineup


Crystal clear, comfortable, high-quality sound

Impressive chip platform

With added processing capabilities, memory and efficiency, our most powerful chip platform provides the foundation for the most advanced sound processing available. The result is clear, comfortable sound, extensive options for connectivity, and a battery life that lasts up to 20% longer.

Clear sound

High levels of amplification help people with severe-to-profound hearing loss feel connected and confident in their surroundings. However, it can also be tiresome or bothersome when unpleasant sounds are amplified. ReSound ENZO Q strikes the right balance by combining Sound Shaper frequency compression to help patients experience the high frequency sounds that would otherwise be inaudible with advanced noise management.

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Sound benefits


Less feedback, more gain

Clear sound is only possible if the hearing aid can provide enough gain without feedback.

DFS Ultra II increases the usable gain for any fitting without compromising in dynamic daily situations.


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Great listening all around

Hearing in noisy places is a big issue for people with hearing loss. 

Binaural Directionality III – a unique application of directional microphones – supports the way people listen in real life, not in the laboratory. 

It gives them access to sounds all around them, not just in front, for improved spatial sense.

Comfortable sound

Using accurate environmental analysis, Environmental Optimizer II automatically adjusts volume, and NoiseTracker II adjusts noise reduction settings to just-right levels to keep distracting background sounds at comfortable, yet still audible levels. 

Impulse Noise Reduction takes the edge off sounds with sudden onset, which can be particularly jarring when heard through hearing aids.

Real ear measurements

The AutoREM feature has been shown to be approximately 15% faster in matching prescriptive targets than manual adjustments 1

With AutoREM guiding you step by step, it is easy to automatically and precisely match the real ear gains to a variety of prescriptive targets. 

The measured data is saved in your NOAH database and can be later viewed in the real ear measurement module.

1. Koehler & Kulkarni, 2014


Improvement in recognizing speech from in front in noisy environments2. Users also performed twice as well when listening to speech coming from the side or the back3.

2. Benefit of directional microphone compared to omnidirectional microphone (data on file)

3. Compared to other premium hearing aids with strong directionality for severe-to-profound hearing loss, Jespersen et al, 2017


Of the time listeners judged impulse sounds such as bottles striking each other as being softer with Impulse Noise Reduction4

4. Sjolander et al, 2019

Even greater connectivity and direct streaming

Your patients can stream directly from iOS and AndroidTM devices* to their hearing aids and enjoy clear, comfortable sound.

Talking on the phone, watching TV or listening to music, it’s as simple as using wireless stereo headphones.

The outcome is impressive

Research shows that when streaming to their hearing aids, users can understand 50% more of the conversation on average, compared to a regular phone call.5

Telecoil compatibility

ReSound ENZO Q also has a built-in telecoil, which enables your clients to connect to loop systems, so they can enjoy amplified sounds delivered directly to their hearing aids in public spaces, such as lecture halls or live venues.

5. Jespersen & Kirkwood, 2015.

*Full streaming compatibility with Android devices requires minimum Android v10 and Bluetooth 5.0 and that functionality has been enabled by the phone manufacturer and service carrier. ReSound cannot guarantee full compatibility with all Android devices.




Perfectly complements Cochlear™ implants

People with a cochlear implant on one ear may experience great benefits with a hearing aid fitted on the opposite ear. The CochlearTM implant and the ReSound ENZO Q hearing aids, or other ReSound hearing aid, create a complementary bimodal solution that may improve speech recognition in noise and sound source localization, while providing superior sound quality, among other benefits, compared with using a cochlear implant alone.1-4


Connect and stream for a full bimodal experience

ReSound and Cochlear share wireless technology, so your patients can stream directly to their Cochlear implant and their ReSound hearing aid simultaneously from a compatible iOS or Android device, or from a range of wireless accessories. With more sound to both ears and superior sound quality compared to using a cochlear implant alone4, they can take phone calls, enjoy their favorite music or TV series, or chat easily with a companion at a noisy restaurant5.

  1. Ching TY, Incerti P, Hill M. Binaural benefits for adults who use hearing aids and cochlear implants in opposite ears. Ear Hear (2004 Feb); 25, 9–21.
  2. Morera C, Cavalle L, Manrique M, et al. Contralateral hearing aid use in cochlear implanted patients: Multicenter study of bimodal benefit. Acta Otolaryngol (2012 Jun); 132, 1084–1094.
  3. Potts LG, Skinner MW, Litovsky RA., et al. Recognition and localization of speech by adult cochlear implant recipients wearing a digital hearing aid in the nonimplanted ear (bimodal hearing). J Am Acad Audiol (2009 Jun); 20, 353–373.
  4. Farinetti A, Roman S, Mancini J, et al. Quality of life in bimodal hearing users (unilateral cochlear implants and contralateral hearing aids). Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol (2015 Nov); 272, 3209–3215.y
  5. Preliminary data on file: Clinical evaluation of the Cochlear Nucleus® CI532 cochlear implant in adults (CLTD5685). 2019, Jan. [Sponsored by Cochlear].


The Smart Hearing Alliance

The Smart Hearing Alliance, a unique collaboration between Cochlear and ReSound, makes it easy to provide a bimodal solution for your patients. Together, Cochlear and ReSound have developed a step-by-step guide to help you optimize the bimodal fitting. This includes aligning the acoustic indicators of the hearing aid, so the two devices work as one system. The Smart Hearing Alliance also brings advanced connectivity solutions to your bimodal patients.


Please seek advice from your health professional about treatments for hearing loss. Outcomes may vary, and your health professional will advise you about the factors which could affect your outcome. Always read the instructions for use. Not all products are available in all countries. 

Cochlear, Hear now. And always, Nucleus, Kanso, Baha, the elliptical logo, and marks bearing an ® or ™ symbol, are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Cochlear Limited or Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions AB (unless otherwise noted).

ReSound Smart 3D™ app

Easily personalize and control ReSound ENZO Q hearing aids with our most advanced and intuitive app yet.

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wireless accessories

The ReSound ecosystem of wireless connectivity and accessories offer the streaming of sound with on-the-spot personalization and control.

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Wireless hearing
aid compatibility

ReSound wireless hearing aids enable users to stream from virtually any audio source and personalize their sound on the go.

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ReSound Assist

Offer convenient fine-tuning and real-time care with new ReSound services

Enjoy even more ways to get closer to your clients and exceed their service expectations. ReSound Assist Live* is the exciting new online, real-time, face-to-face element of ReSound Assist, our popular remote fine-tuning solution.

  • Offer face-to-face, real-time hearing care from anywhere
  • Send fine-tuned adjustments anywhere, anytime
  • More touchpoints for client care

* Please ask your ReSound representative for date of availability

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Scientific library

Access studies, journal articles, and white papers to learn more about ReSound technology and innovation.

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