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Organic Hearing

Creating hearing solutions that sound natural, feel natural
and connect your clients naturally to the world.

Deep dive into the details

What's the secret?

Organic Hearing™ is the foundation of everything we do. We balance nature with science in perfect harmony, designing hearing solutions that perfectly fit the user’s life, organically, instead of requiring them to fit their life around their hearing loss.


The essence of

Organic Hearing

Sounds natural


Emulating the natural hearing process and the natural ways we listen as closely as possible, helping the brain to hear as nature intended.

  • Helping people focus on conversations and locate sounds all around them in the noisiest situations.
  • Using each unique ear shape to collect sound inside the ear to deliver a more natural hearing experience.

Feels natural


Adapts organically to the person for the best wearing comfort all day long, with ease of use.

  • Minimising physical effort with easy rechargeability and all-weatherproof designs.
  • Enhancing comfort with ergonomic hearing aids that fit the user’s ears and life.


Connects you naturally

Inspired by the way we intuitively interact with people and devices in our daily lives.

  • Hearing music and taking calls from your favourite devices, just like with wireless earbuds.
  • Personalisation via our popular app and remote care from hearing care professionals, anywhere.


Using a powerful directional pattern and the sound from both hearing aids, your client is able to hear through the noise for clear conversations even in the noisiest environments.

By adding a microphone in the ear canal as part of the receiver module for RIE styles, we take advantage of the user’s unique ear shape to collect sound the way nature intended. This gives a more immersive hearing experience with greater depth and sense of spatial awareness.



Hearing aid styles designed for optimal comfort in and on the ear so your clients can enjoy their day without thinking about their hearing.

Give your clients the gift of hearing clearly in all kinds of weather when walking, working out or enjoying activities with hearing aids that are IP68 rated and fully nanocoated.

Let your clients enjoy battery-fresh sound all day with rechargeable hearing aid styles offering up to 30h of use on 1 charge.



Your clients can now call someone easily and just hear them, whether they stream calls to their hearing aids, or hold their phone as everyone does naturally, without having to find the ‘sweet spot’ behind the ear.

Your clients can enjoy crystal clear phone calls, including hands-free calls for iPhone and iPad*, the same way they would with wireless earbuds.

Empower your clients to hear calls, music, videos, podcasts or audiobooks in their hearing aids the same way they would with wireless earbuds, straight from iPhone and iPad or Android™ smartphones with the high-quality sound they deserve.


Want to experience the
benefits of Organic Hearing?