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Resources For Your Business

At ReSound, we provide you with a wide range of resources to help you offer great service to your clients & grow your business at the same time.

Our team works closely with your dedicated account manager to make sure what we offer is tailored to your business needs. Please let your ReSound contact know about topics you’d like us to cover or quickly submit your ideas via our content request form.

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Explore Toolkits & Business Packs

Product Support

ReSound OMNIA full family starter kit

Everything you need to know about the ReSound OMNIA full family in a convenient all-in-one starter kit.
Updated March 2023.

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Product Support

Custom made by ReSound Starter Kit

Everything you need to know about Custom made by ReSound in a convenient all-in-one starter kit.

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ReSound OMNIA Marketing Assets Toolkit

Market the ReSound OMNIA full family to your clients via your own channels. This toolkit contains images, video, web content and so much more. Updated March 2023.

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Custom made by ReSound Marketing Assets Toolkit

Market our new custom hearing aids to your clients via your own channels. This toolkit contains product and lifestyle images, videos, web content, print ad templates & more.

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The 2022 HCP Personality Test

Do you know what defines you and what your strengths are? We’ve made a test that can give you some of the answers and perhaps help you grow as a professional.

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Google My Business


Google My Business Toolkit

The toolkit includes an easy guide to set up your Google My Business account to get my clients in your clinic. As well as tips on how to optimise your profile. Download the toolkit to make sure that your hearing clinic looks as reliable and welcoming on Google as it does from the street.

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Hands-free Calls Starter Kit

ReSound offers hands-free phone and FaceTime calls for iPhone and iPad, using state-of-the-art streaming technology. Get started offering your clients this hands-free experience already today with the hands-free starter kit.

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Product Support

ReSound ONE BTE Launch Kit

A step-by-step guide to your launch kit. Familiarise yourself with ReSound ONE™ BTE, the new addition to the ReSound portfolio, and help your clients make the most of their ReSound ONE BTEs.

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Product Support

ReSound Key Digital Starter Pack

Help even more clients access the hearing care they need with our essential hearing aids collection for all types of hearing loss. Get a full product overview, brochure, price comparison chart, fitting guides & selling tool.

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Social Proof

That spontanous reaction to a perfect first fit. When forgotten moments are suddenly remembered and your clients experience wide-ranging emotions from joy to relief.

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Business Support

Business Growth Toolkit

Scale your business and increase customer loyalty, satisfaction and revenue. The toolkit contains tools and assets to help you with client lead generation, client support and client upselling.

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Product Support

ReSound ONE Solution Package

Translating technical features to real life benefits has never been easier. Get our upselling tools designed to help you demonstrate to your clients the value and benefits of choosing ReSound ONE.

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ReSound toolkit


Digital Marketing Pack

This toolkit provides you with a range of digital marketing assets such as videos and emails, social media copy and other materials for you to promote your business. The kit also includes how-to-guides on how to utilise digital marketing to increase sales.

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Explore Past Virtual Events

ReSound ONE

Meet our Premium Range

To celebrate the launch of our latest ReSound ONE hearing aid, people from across the globe tuned in to attend talks and a virtual exhibit hall over a 24-hour period.

ReSound ONE event



What fellow HCPs say about us

"Well worked out product launch. A new online experience leaving nothing short of as a in person experience. Kudos to all who worked hard behind the launch."

"Unique in the entire industry, I think. Can many learn something from it...!"

"Compliments to the entire GN Team who realized this event in this way"

"Beautifully done!!"

"Beautiful presentation done with total professional and corporate attitude."

"I've been really impressed both the event and even more the ReSound ONE new features. I think the 'organic' and 'unique just like a fingerprint' are strong keywords to describe it. I hope the videos will be available after the event because I'd like to watch them "

"Good morning, great event and a very interesting first presentation"



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