ReSound Assist Live

Now you can remotely fit  new hearing aids to any of your clients with a valid audiogram.
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Support your clients with face-to-face video appointments

With ReSound Assist Live video appointments, you can now fit your clients with a new hearing aid using tele-audiology – a welcome solution in these challenging times. Continue to provide individualised  hearing care, even when circumstances prevent your clients from getting to the clinic.

Remote Fitting with ReSound Assist Live

Once you've been set up with ReSound Assist Live, you're ready to start fitting new hearing aids to your clients remotely. Any client with a valid audiogram and an iPhone or iPad is eligible for remote fitting via ReSound Assist Live.

How it works

  • Call your client and prepare them for the ReSound Assist Live video call. Remember to obtain their consent for being fitted remotely.
  • Assemble and configure the hearing aid. Deliver it to the client using a courier who uses social-distancing practices.
  • Ensure that both you and your client are ready to engage in a live appointment using ReSound Assist Live.
  • Once the hearing aid has been received, schedule the live appointment and proceed with the remote first fit via ReSound Assist Live. Any further fine-tunings can then be made as needed.
  • Schedule a personal follow-up appointment, when circumstances allow for in-office visits.

Step-by-Step guide

To support you in providing the best possible care, we have outlined the required steps for the remote fitting of a client with a new hearing aid.
Download Guidance for remote fitting

Get introduced to ReSound Assist Live

How to get started with ReSound Assist Live

In order to offer ReSound Assist Live services to your clients, you need to register your business on GN Online Services.

Already using GN Online Services?

Everything you do with ReSound Assist and new ReSound Assist Live takes place via ReSound Smart Fit, our fitting software. Contact your ReSound representative to enable the teleaudiology feature in ReSound Smart Fit.


What is ReSound Assist?

Everything you do with ReSound Assist Live takes place via ReSound Smart Fit, our fitting software. It provides comprehensive live video (synchronous) and  remote adjustment (asynchronous) options to help you support your clients in the most convenient way possible for both of you.

Download the ReSound Assist quick guide for professionals

ReSound Assist Live

How it works

  • You initiate the ReSound Assist Live call through your ReSound Smart Fit fitting software.
  • Your client simply answers the video call received through the ReSound Smart 3D app.
  • You connect to the client's hearing aids and provide the first fit and any other live adjustments, when needed.
  • The client can evaluate the new settings with you live during the appointment as well as afterwards through the Rate My Sound feature in the ReSound Smart 3D app.

ReSound Assist Live Training Material

Helping your clients to use ReSound Assist Live

When using ReSound Assist Live, it's important to ensure that your clients are ready to engage in live video appointments. To support you in your communication, we've prepared instructional materials that you can share with  your clients via email. This includes a dedicated information page with instructional videos, so your clients know what to expect when receiving their new hearing aid.

Let's help you get started

Our team of ReSound representatives is ready to help you get started offering ReSound Assist Live services to your clients. Call us today for personalised support and guidance on how you can add remote care and cutting-edge tele-audiology to your service offering, especially in these difficult times.