ReSound Gives Sound Community Campaign

2021 Sounds Better Already!

Together, we will provide vitally-needed hearing aids to those impacted by the challenges of 2020.

It’s been a year filled with adversity, including natural disasters, financial pressure and a pandemic. With the help of hearing care professionals like you, we’re donating up to $1 million worth of ReSound ONE hearing aids to those with hearing loss deeply affected by the events of 2020.


ReSound Gives Sound Community Campaign

We’re partnering with select hearing care professionals* and their patients to identify people who could benefit from ReSound ONE technology.

Nominations can be collected by the practice until April 12, 2021.

Once nominations are collected, a practice staff member must complete and submit the ReSound Gives Sound community campaign application for each prospective recipient.

Each participating practice nominate people to receive a donated set of ReSound ONE hearing aids. The participating practice agrees to waive any initial fitting and follow-up fees for recipients.

Applications for each patient nomination must be submitted to ReSound from March 9 - April 15, 2021.

Each application must include a brief description of that person’s hearing loss and explanation of how 2020 events affected the prospective recipient and their ability to afford hearing technology.

Please review campaign details before submitting application.

Submit application

*Campaign enrollment occurred March 1-9, 2021

Share Your ReSound Gives Sound Story

Media Kit includes a patient approval form, suggested pitch to local media, tips on how to help media tell the story, and a few social media ideas and templates.

  • Media Best Practices (read this first)
  • ReSound Gives Sound Key Messages
  • Media Pitch Template
  • ReSound ONE/Hearing Loss Fact Sheet
  • Patient Release Form
  • Social Media Posts
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About ReSound Gives Sound

ReSound Gives Sound is a philanthropic program dedicated to helping hearing healthcare professionals provide the gift of hearing to those unable to access hearing technology.